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Monday, 5 June 2017

Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte - Product Review

I have been thinking about reviewing my favorite lipstick from Lakme but I was quite busy and the review was delaying. Finally, I got to write the review.

I have been using lipstick on a daily basis and have never been so obsessed by it. Until I met with this cool Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte. I got Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte Lipstick from Blush a few months back. Since then I am using this product. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte Lipstick comes in a cute black rectangle box.

Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte has some of the amazing cool shades. I have been using this lipstick for quite a while. I have the color Scarlet Red but the new colors CHOCOLATE FETISH, HOT CINNAMON, PLUM TEMPTATION, & VINTAGE BROWN are just what you need to beat the blues.

The main points I would like to highlight are:

  1.  The lipstick has long durability. I used this lipstick during a wedding and many more events. The lipstick can stay almost for more than 5 hrs. 
  2.  It has vibrant colors. 
  3.  Decent Cost. 
  4.  It is smooth & nondrying in spite of being matte. 
  5.  Matte Texture. 
  6.  The lipstick is in the shape of a fat pencil.
  7.  It makes dry patches noticeable. (con) 
    I personally would recommend you to buy the Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte lipstick.

    Price: 650/-

    You can buy the Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte lipstick from NYKAA.COM

    link to the website: http://www.nykaa.com/lakme-absolute-lip-pout.html?skuId=26661

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