Hello, my name is Fiona Nazareth. I'm a young student and this is my blog .

Guest Bloggers

I am looking for contributors to write for my blog, but this is not a Hiring Call! This is an invitation for guest posting. This is totally on voluntary basis. No payments.


1) Your articles / blog posts that you submit for publishing have to be strictly related to the niche of my blog.

2) The article should have minimum 400 words. Posts must be grammatically correct without spelling mistakes.

3) You can add relevant pictures (optional) but please include the image source. Please do not include any content that has a copyright or something that is completely copied from another blog.

4) Include a brief (3-4 lines) about yourself and your blog. You are free to include up to 3 links to your own blog/website in the post but please note links must be valid and relevant.

5) Posts must be original, engaging and high quality. It should not be published anywhere else.

6) Write post in bullet points for easy reading. You will be required to post a teaser on your blog as well.

7) Please do not submit low quality or irrelevant posts solely written for promotion and marketing. Such posts will be rejected.

8) Once submitted, the post will be up on my blog within 2 weeks. If for some reason I am unable to publish the post within the given time period, I will inform you. The post, once published, will be a property of She Says.

10) I will be sharing the post on my social media pages. You can share it on your social media channels too.

How To Submit:-

Please email us your guest article at : shesays.mail@gmail.com

Subject must be: “Guest Post For Blog”

In Email Please mention:

1. Your full name and URL of your blog/website

2. Attach the post as a word file (.doc)

3. Your photo and your description in 3-4 lines.

What You Get:-

1) Only YOUR name will be used as author for your post. Full credits will be given to you.

2) It’s FREE advertising. You get traffic redirected to your blog. This will also help you to get more subscribers to your blog.

3) By guest posting on websites that are related to or are similar to your website you are increasing the level of ranking via quality back links.

4) It helps to share your views with all the interesting people, also help to connect with the others people with branding, social networking, site URL linking and many more.

If you want me to write a guest post for you or if you have any queries, shoot me an email.
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  1. Hi Fiona this Raydon congrats on your blog try posting nature related or festivals cermonies on your blog

    1. Sure I will. Thank You Raydon D'souza.